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It is the NEW YEAR, and now is the time to get started on the right foot. It is also a busy time, so I want to help you make sure that you are able to work each muscle group in one workout. Sometimes it is difficult to work 1 muscle group a day throughout the week, so here is a full body workout for men over 40 that will hit every muscle group. Give this workout a try because I know you are going to want this in your workout routine. Here are the exercises in this full body workout for men over 40.

Exercise #1: INCLINE DB BENCH PRESS. Try to avoid using a bench that is at a 45 degree angle because that is going to work more of your anterior deltoids, and it will put stress on your shoulder joints. I recommend going down to a 30 degree angle when doing this exercise. You want to have your hands slightly rotated toward one another for a more natural hand position, that will give you more mobility in your shoulder joints. Get a deep stretch at the bottom of the movement then contract your chest at the top of the movement. Explode on the way up and control the weight on the way down.

Exercise #2: DB BENT OVER BACK ROW. Hinge at the hips, stick your butt out, and keep the dumbbells close to your sides. You want to drive the dumbbells behind you by initiating the movement at the elbows. Get your elbows up behind your back.

Exercise #3: KNEELING UNILATERAL SHOULDER PRESS. This helps you focus on raising the dumbbell using your shoulder and not momentum. Doing it this way will also give you some core activation. Have a wide stance for balance, raise the dumbbell, and keep your elbow slightly forward.

Exercise #4: CLOSE-GRIP TRICEP PRESS. You are using a bench, but we are focusing on your triceps not the chest. Keep your elbows rotated inward, and focus on bending at the elbow and not the shoulder. Your elbows should be right next to your body at the bottom of the movement.

Exercise #5: ACROSS BODY BICEP CURL. Keep your shoulders back. A lot of the time when people work biceps, they lean forward and swing the weight up. Keep your shoulders back, supinate your wrists, and bring the dumbbell up across your body. You want your pinky higher than your thumb, and hold the contraction for a couple of seconds.

Exercise #6: BULGARIAN SPLIT SQUAT. I recommend doing this exercise unilaterally to even out both legs proportionately. It is also going to help with getting you better balance. Initially, if you need to hold on to something, that is okay. You are going to have your rear foot elevated, keep your chest out and shoulders back, and keep your knee behind your toes as you squat down.

Exercise #7: UNILATERAL DB CALF RAISE. Can’t forget about working the calves. Doing this one leg at a time will help add more resistance to each leg. Contract at the top of the movement for 3 seconds, and do that on every single rep. Don’t bounce for each rep.

Do 3 sets of 10-12 reps for every exercise. Try doing this workout 2-3 times a week!

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with a full body workout for men over 40. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build muscle and get ripped in 2022!

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