Whether you have been working out since your 20’s, or you are in your 40’s and just started working out…you have exercises that are your favorite to do. They make you excited to go to the gym because most likely, those exercises help you get great results. Your favorite exercises may change over time, and even with age…you may start to have your favorite exercises change.

Some of my favorite exercises, you may not normally do in your workout routine. However, you may like some of these, so add them to your workout plan. If you like doing full body workouts, you can even make a workout out of these 10 exercises. These are great muscle building exercises, and they can help you lose fat at the same time. It is time for you to get better results on your fitness journey, and these exercises can help.

Here are my 10 favorite exercises in my 40’s. Add these to your workout routine to build more muscle and get in shape after 40!

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