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You may have a nutrition plan already, or maybe you are just focusing on eating healthier..well sometimes it is good to treat yourself. That is why I am going to tell you when is the best time to have a cheat meal. If you eat a cheat meal at the right time, it can help you build muscle, burn more fat, and help you reach your fitness goals without hurting your progress. Well timed cheat meals can help balance your hormones. Your body tends to increase its metabolism after a cheat meal, which will help lead to more fat loss.

Before getting into the tips on when the best time is to have a cheat meal, I want to recommend trying supplements to help you burn more fat. Our product Anabolic Shred is a GDA that you take right before you have a High Carb Meal/Cheat Meal. It helps keep your blood sugar and insulin levels stable. If you eat healthy and have occasional cheat meals, Anabolic Shred can be a great help for your fat and weight loss journey. Now for the tips on the 3 best times to have a cheat meal!

Tip #1: RIGHT AFTER AN INTENSE WORKOUT. Reward yourself with a cheat meal. Now, that doesn’t mean you eat 2000 calories in one meal because that will just defeat the benefits of your workout. Having a cheat meal after an intense workout will give you a much deserved mental break, and it allows carbs to be used to restore glycogen levels, which will help with the rebuilding and recovery process.

Tip #2: WHEN YOU ARE CELEBRATING SOMETHING. Whether it is holidays, family gatherings, birthdays, etc. These are all good times to have a cheat meal. If you know you have something coming up, plan for that cheat meal day ahead of time. It would also be beneficial to try and get a workout prior to the event, if you are able.

Tip #3: WHEN YOU HAVE EARNED IT! It is good to be rewarded for the hard work that you are putting in. That is why it is nice to call cheat meals “reward meals” instead. This helps give you something to look forward to celebrate your successes and goals that you are achieving.

Alright, that wraps up this video tutorial on the best time to have a cheat meal. Make sure to have a cheat meal, and at the right time because you deserve it! Subscribe to our channel for more videos on being motivated to reach your fitness goals this NEW YEAR!

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