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When you are working your arms, the first thing you think about is your biceps. Why? Well that’s because they look good whether you are wearing a shirt or not. You know what else looks good? Having big arms that are busting through your shirt. The best way to get big arms is to work your triceps because they make up most of the size in your arms. With this said, it is time to get some bigger triceps! Here are 4 exercises to help you get sleeve splitting triceps, let’s get started!

Exercise #1: OVERHEAD DB TRICEP EXTENSION. You only need one dumbbell for this exercise. Once you get used to this movement, you can start using heavier weights. Put both hands under the top of the dumbbell, and bring the dumbbell up and behind your head. Lower the weight as far down as you can behind you to get a full stretch then bring it back up and contract at the top of the movement.

Exercise #2: ONE-ARM DB SKULLCRUSHER. You are going to lay flat on the ground or on a bench if you have a bench. You can use your off hand to support your elbow with the dumbbell. Let the dumbbell lower to the side of your head then push the dumbbell straight up. Use your off hand to stabilize your elbow, and keep it in a fixed position. At the top of the movement, you want your arm to still be tilted back slightly. That is so you're always under tension. If it is straight up, the weight is resting above your whole arm.

Exercise #3: TRICEP PUSHDOWN. You need resistance bands for this exercise, but if you are doing it at the gym you can use one of the cable machines. You are going to use a high anchor point, with an overhand grip on the band handles. Make sure the bands are pre-loaded with tension to get the most out of the bands and this exercise. You are going to push down on the handles, and contract at the bottom of the movement.

Exercise #4: REVERSE GRIP TRICEP PUSHDOWN. You are going to do this one hand at a time, and your palm is going to be facing up for this exercise. You will need to use a lighter weight than the previous exercise because it is harder to do with your palms facing up. Try to keep your elbow still, it is easy to want to use your elbow for momentum in this exercise.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with a sleeve splitting triceps workout for men over 50. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build muscle and get ripped at home.

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